Magnesium Foot Butter Spearmint and Eucalyptus Scent batch 06731


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Magnesium Foot Butter

Most of the world’s population is deficient in a vital nutrient, magnesium. Our soil no longer has the nutrients it once had. Without magnesium, we have trouble falling asleep, suffer migraines, struggle emotionally with anxiety, get restless leg syndrome, and all sorts of other ailments.

 At Crafted by Twisted Vines we have formulated a luxurious 2 oz. magnesium foot butter to help you get the magnesium your body so desperately craves. We use only the purest, organic ingredients to bring you a foot butter that does not tingle or itch. We also use organic lavender flower, Arnica flower, Hemp flower, and Comfrey flower, to give you that extra relaxing boost.

 Take a dime-sized portion out of the jar and massage it on the bottoms of your feet. We use it at bedtime to help us sleep soundly. If you do have questions about whether it should be used on you or your child, please do consult your GP.

 *****Please note, all of our products are handmade so the consistency and color can vary*****

  This product contains: Magnesium, Filtered Water, Shea Butter, Comfrey Flower, Arnica Flower, Lavender Flower, Hemp Flower, Jojoba Oil, Wax, Vitamin E.


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